Sayeema Afrin

Multimedia Designer| Digital Marketing Specialist





For my project, I choose to work with this short animation film called “Destiny”. I wanted to create an environment that has more elements to it. More sound than the original soundtrack to emphasize the action of the character. The motif of this film seems to be about time to emphasize this I used a prominent sound that is clear and audible even when there is a clearer foreground noise.

For the ending, I used the illusion of non-diegetic sound exemplified when the character has inner thoughts. I also used ReaEq to clear the background noise of some of the sound files in a way to hide out I used a hollow effect on the audible sound the character makes. I also used Pan and volume to define the space of the animation world exemplifies, when the character moves things around in the kitchen. This was a fun project I get to experiment a tell a different story than the original just by changing the sound and adding a lot more depth to the storyline by bringing attention to certain sound elements which signify the story.

Reaper Video Editing
Audio Editing using Reaper

Levelling sound with visual