UX & UI Design

ROLE: UX/UI Designer 

YEAR: 2019

THEME: Parenting and Childcare


This was a group project in which we proposed an app idea that provides parents with a one-stop portal for exploring kindergarten and after-school programs/activity facilities in their neighbourhood. Here is the project's whole design process, from first ideation until wireframing to the prototype, where I did everything from research to design. All participants were held equally responsible for all aspects of the project, including surveys, research, concept generation, and wireframing to prototype.

Interface Design: Parevent App

Parevent App

Stage 1: Research

 2: Idea and Interaction Framework

App Features:

App Sign up: - Questions at the beginning to create a more specific filter(skippable): Child age range & number of children & interests(checkbox list)

Search Filter: Age range

Days and Times, e.g after school? Weekend? How many times a week?

Location - range / postal code? City? Community center?

Price range: requests/requirements

Class type/ Activity type

Season/time of year - for planning ahead

Recommendations via what friends are attending or what is popular in the area

Save Feature/Favorites:

Save activities for later? To sign up later?

A calendar that shows when their activities are happening, with reminders to show when things happen and notifies to remind, especially for things in advance.

Initial rough sketches:

Initial Wireframe:

Stage 3: Prototyping

Stage 4: Testing and Refining

User Journey Map: