ROLE: Visual/web Designer

YEAR: 2021

THEME: Scientific 


Redesign the installation widget for PyTorch. Why is your design an improvement?

Design Rationale:
This new design is more efficient than the chartview code generator. To begin with, the number of languages is expanding from 7 to 20, with the possibility of many more in the future. The benefit of having menus is that you can add more in the future. You can add a lot of extra action options to an interface without taking up screen space when they aren't needed. A drop down structure allows for growth. Input width is another useful advantage. Different sorts of inputs demand more or less space based on the information being entered. Have a large input width for any type of data without worrying about this in the future when the business expands and offers new services and features.

Choosing to use Material Design's outlined drop down menu instead of the standard style, because their menu is separate from the actual dropdown container, which will help with certain usability concerns.

**I'd also want to draw your attention to something that is sometimes overlooked: the first option in the dropdown is blank. This allows the user to'reset' the dropdown if they wish to return to the question later or leave it blank.**

Check Picovoice’s website. Tell us things you don't like about the colour palette? Create your own colour palette and justify why this is an improvement.

What we have so far is a fairly standard colour palette; if you do a fast search on Google for "AI Technology," all of the photos on the search will be some shade of blue. This is quite common in terms of technology, blue represents a lot of that, but in this day and age you want to stand out from the crowd so conventional choices do not necessarily help you achieve that, we need to go in a different route choosing unconventional method will help us achieve of being exceptional in the market place. Having said that, you don't want to alienate yourself from the market by being too unconventional. Because people associate various colours with specific products, in this situation, blue represents technology. So we'll maintain blue but tweak it a little so it doesn't seem like the blues we see a lot in AI.

Color Rationale:

For three reasons, the new colour palette outperforms the website's previous colour palettes:

1. We're dealing with 5 colours, all of which are secondary colours that complement one another.
2. These colours aid us in the creation of hierarchy on the page. The use of yellow shades helps in drawing attention to "call to action" buttons and other essential parts.
3. We use a blue with a green undertone. When you disassemble "Artificial Intelligence Voice," you will discover two components: technology and human. Human=form of life, Life=Green.

Picovoice uses animal names for its products. How would you go about creating logos for these? Please describe your approach and design choices. Pick an animal and design the logo for it.

Design Rationale:

Because these are supplemental logos for Picovoice, I had to work around the primary design while also ensuring that the secondary logos had the same design element. 

\The first stage was to assess the brand in terms of the impression it want to make. The next phase in the logo design process is to investigate the types of logos used by competitors and industry leaders. I was inspired by the Adobe brand. They have several logos under the primary brand name, but you can tell they all belong to Adobe because of their consistency and distinctive design elements. Finally, before creating the logo, I had to consider where it would be used. If it would be placed in the corner of a mobile app, I choose simplicity and smaller sizes. So that If it is used in any social media, the logo would look good in both circular and square avatars and be flexible to bigger cover photos.