For my final project, I was required to develop an original MAX application. As a first step, I needed to put together a prototype that goes into detail about what I am interested in pursuing. 

  • A MAX  interactive application:
    • A sound generation application: interactive sampler, soundscape generation.

Objective: A machine that generates Cappella music choosing random sound files from three different sources in random order.

First draft Prototype:

Feedback received: This works well when it works, but some stuff is confused about presenting it all - off the bat it could only load a single file, and all of the other generators were off. It's a good start, and the next steps would be improving the usability and clarity of the patch. Another suggestion is that there can be more differentiation between the "Setup" parts of the patch and the "Work" parts of the patch.

Secondary Patch to attain the same goal:

But processed with the initial Patch the new objective was to improve bugs and make a user-friendly interface.

Final Process: 

Step 1: Needed to replace 3 separate ‘splay~’ and use ‘poly~’ object instead. To make it simpler and to avoid the problem of running into other generators being off.

Used a sub-patch to have one sound source instead of three different ones.

Step 2: I removed the previous sfplay~ and created a sub patch for poly~ Now it can load files from within one single source.

Step 3: All of that worked but the audio was not playing right when I press bang to generate and I wanted it to play on an infinite loop. Used a separate time controller using a clocker and random object to generate the music every 5 sec or so.

Combining all of that you get the final patch which in presentation mode looks like this.