ROLE: UX/UI Designer 

YEAR: 2019

THEME: Parenting and Childcare


App: Privilege Points Chore Tracker

A system design to help make your kids do their households chores with the encouragement of getting rewards. Stop begging your kids to do their chores and let them beg you, instead, for the chance to earn points. You define tasks, chores, and behaviours that will earn points and the privileges your kids can spend those points on. 

Goal: A young couple wants to introduce household responsibility to their kid and wants them to learn in a fun way rather than seating them up and just asking them to do it. Tame your kids with this easy-to-use rewards system app to encourage them to do house chores.

Results & Interpretation: From Heuristics Report

Overall the UX design of the app is fair except for the easy access of setting up tasks and privileges. The app is designed to encourage the child to do the chore, but it seems the opposite because of some inconvenience. 

The first problem noticed is the sign-up requirement which lacks the visual cue if the information filled in the required boxes is processed or not. And the inconvenience of going to the email account to collect the verification code is a bit of extra work expected from the user also once an account is set up with an email there is no way of changing the email address.

The second issue with the feature interaction is not being able to set repeat the task these days option. Though the feature lets the user set the time for that day and if the task is going to be done once, twice in a month or a week. It does not let the user set it mentioning which day of the week the task is going to repeat. As the user needs to set tasks/privileges every single day and adjust according to their needs and having the problem of not being able to set it for every reoccurring task to automatically be in place according to the date. The system does not always successfully indicate the result is being processed or not.


Suggested improvements:

The two suggestive addition of interactions will improve the user experience by offering them ways to set the task and be able to not worry to set up again. As well as the fundamental capacity of selecting more than the time of the deadline it can now detect which days of the week should this deadline be implemented.

The previous version of the sign-up page has a problem with the visual hierarchy. As well as having the cancel button on top of the left-hand corner takes a bit of time for the user to look for the button. As the most time, the cancel option on the sign-up page is on the middle bottom of the page with other interaction buttons. And the method of verification for creating an account that also sends verifying code on the email makes it a little bit inconvenient as the user has to quit the app goes to their email inbox copy the code and paste it to create the account seems a long process. Setting up an account should be quick and easy, that’s why removing this whole verifying method saves the user time.

As the interaction has no setup to mark a single task that might be a reoccurring task every single week. This means the user has to set a deadline time each time they set up the task.
Though you can set it up how many times this task will be done in a month, week or day. But it does allow the user to set repeat tasks according to days of the week.