This is a documentary project done in collaboration with the School of Interactive Arts and Technology and the Museum of Vancouver to curate stories around the COVID-19 Pandemic. This is a fourth-year Moving image course project.

Being the sole creator of a documentary during this pandemic time with limited resources was an experience that taught me a lot. And it is an experience that gave me a new perspective and creative ideas to deliver my design work.

Value of this Project

Museums play a massive role in our society as it preserves our history. It tells us a great deal about our past and allows us to look back and reflect. Curating the human experience into a documentary will give you the exact image of this pandemic. There is so much to collect as a collective. We are experiencing life differently, which also allowed us to think and find different ways to do our job. This pandemic also brought people together, neighbors, helping neighbors. It showed us humanity still exists on the face of the earth. My story will reflect these emotions and contributions to the general public are playing by helping one another, whether it be providing food, essential supplies for protection, or merely being kind to one another. These are a strong reflection of our value as humans that pandemic brought forward. My documentation of a community ran garden, providing as a source to supply groceries to families in need. In this uncertain time, the essence of the positivity that people find within themselves to think about others, not only about themselves, shows a strong collective, we can cross this hardship. Focusing on the good is how we can look forwards and keep going.

 This whole project demanded me to be adaptable and flexible to any situation as nothing is certain. I had to be ready to make sudden changes when it is necessary. Even with planning, a lot of things cannot work in time. During Pre-production, generating ideas and approaching people had to be the most challenging part of this project. As not everyone will agree with my idea of sharing their intimate personal story, you have to be understandable and know what you can work with and cannot. That is what happens from the first iteration of the project to what I have in hand now. I went with multiple ideas as I knew things might not pan out the way I want them to be. I thought I would be working around a small business, but unfortunately, the place I had in mind didn’t permit me. And my time was short; I couldn’t afford to wait around. Also, the fact I do not know them at all made it hard to get a yes. As I do not know, my subject to establish a trust relationship is quite hard, let alone over distance. Not everyone is quick to trust people. So, I shifted my gear and went with my other plan. This time I had the privileged to work with these fantastic people last two months, which is how I came to propose to them my idea of shooting a video featuring them. And they happily accepted my proposal and were very much excited to see the result. Which is also a lot of responsibility and expectation you have to stand up to. A good rule of thumb is to have a backup plan; it is always better if you are not sure and have no control over others’ actions. And creative work is collaborative work, and you do need to rely on other people. Having multiple subjects in mind helped me, as indeed someone will say yes to me. Also, having some connection with the people made the job easy.

Shot List

Music by Peter Rudenko and Xylo-Ziko
Casting: Jessica Ye and Arthur Bomke