Sayeema Afrin

Multimedia Designer




A photo session done over distance during covid, using FaceTime and Zoom.

Taking photos of my friend using zoom and FaceTime was an exceptional experience both for her and me. In a usual setting, I would be doing a lot of the movement to capture a beautiful portrait that I did, and you can sure compare how things look a lot different. But this time, it was more of a collaboration with the subject. I had to be the director, and the subject herself to had to do more on her end to make things work. Placing the camera using props to hold them in position, tilting the camera at different, and removing objects from the background was a fun task. Using only the window of view you get from the phone or laptop screen does not let you do much, especially with lighting and controlling the juxtaposition. With that in mind, most images will have the effect of fluorescence light on them as we all are inside. I tried to use the daylight to create the mood for the photos I capture using iPhone but for my Zoom session, I tried to use home light as in that way I had more control of the subject's setting and the source of light.