Sayeema Afrin

Multimedia Designer




You may notice I title this page as "Font Play" because people mixed up the terms font and typeface. Typeface is more of a category of fonts or the “umbrella font” to a series of similar fonts.

The video "History of Typography" begins with the tagline "Type is Power." That made me think of the phrase "language is power." Typography is one of the means through which language may be comprehended. As a result, type design is a vital medium with a rich history that is always developing as communication technology progresses. When it comes to serif and sans serif fonts, sans serif is more commonly employed in marketing since it dominates the space of a piece of text more boldly than a serif font would. I tend to think of sans serif fonts as having a loud voice (regardless of size) and serif fonts as being quieter and more reserved. Not to seem corny, but personalities are embodied by types.

I believe that the industrial revolution changed our lives in many ways, but it also allowed for innovation, which resulted in a better quality of life. Typography, for example, used to be tough, requiring a great deal of manual labour to create 100 copies. Each copy had to be done by hand with the same handpress the letter technique. Now, thanks to the industrial revolution's technological advancements. It's as easy as clicking a button to make changes and create a new typeface of your choice.