Sayeema Afrin

Multimedia Designer


👩🏻 A creative thinker, team player, collaborator, and clear communicator with a passion for design and creativity who focuses on generating conversation around social issues. 

🎓 Until Graduation? 

- Experienced Marketing & Communication Assistant in a transportation industry 

- Technical Support Programmer in a non-profit organization 

- Multimedia Designer for the student union, clubs and residence management. 


- My dream is to work in the realm of content creation with one of the major entertainment (Netflix, Disney+, Pixar, Spotify) or one of the major tech companies (Adobe, Slack, Figma, Tiktok, Instagram). 

- I want to continue my work with diverse groups, not only for producing content but simultaneously for improving the existing creative communications departments. 

- I strive to constantly improve my own storytelling abilities and technical skills, all while delivering unique content. 

👾 Some things about me

- I have developed a documentary for the Museum of Vancouver Curation Project for Covid-19 

- I love incorporating untraditional methods to tell stories 

- I love smoothies and a good chai more than anything else 

Send me a message if you'd like to connect! I love collaborating and supporting others, as well as providing different perspectives!