I will not go into the nitty-gritty details about the app as most of you are familiar one way or another, whether you have used it or know someone who is using the app. Some highlights of their features include geolocation, private chat—Facebook login.

My question: Is tinder influencing the more sexualized self-representation of a woman producing toxic behavior by men? Changing the course of how people look for an intimate partner and later suffer dissatisfaction in relations. Since dating through tinder involves evaluating others’ self-presentation for intimate relationships built on self-mastery displays, which conditions to fit into a particular lifestyle.

“Pages like ‘Tinder nightmare’ on Instagram or the twitter hashtag #ShitWhiteGuysTellMe created by Jessica Deer to confront the racist comments that indigenous tinder users regularly received. ”

Alternative Idea of Self

I used the Self-presentation theory framework to do my research on the app to think critically about the emerging and quite a visible issue on the popular use of this app. Social media presents new affordance for self-presentation, bringing together users into flattering spatial and temporal contexts. Now, what is Self-presentation? As Goffman explains, it is how an individual may engage in a strategy to convey an impression to others in his/her interest to share. Self-presentation is important during relationship initiation, as others will use this information to decide whether to pursue a relationship or not. These are what impression management behaviors consist of expression given and given off (like verbal, non-verbal communications cues).

Online dating may discourage misleading communications; for instance, the anticipation of face-to-face communication influences self-representation choices users make as individuals will more closely monitor their dialogue as the perceived probability of meeting in real-time. You got matched, you talked to the person, and you are left with dissatisfaction when you finally meet them in person. This is because we have two different identities and sometimes multiple because we live in the technology of things that we alter our authentic self to fit for the audience in front of us.

Now the question is, why care about this? We all are connected, and if we want to see change and want less, we need to educate ourselves about the behavior consciously or unconsciously on this platform. Because technology cannot be held accountable for it entirely as most technology is designed based on its need, it is a two-way street.

Pages like ‘Tinder nightmare’ on Instagram or the Twitter hashtag #ShitWhiteGuysTellMe created by Jessica Deer to confront the racist comments that indigenous tinder users regularly received. These individuals critique their participation on the platform through social media, making visible Tinder’s use to others. Analyzing this as documents helped me see the pattern of toxic masculinity practice men is using through these platforms.